LifeStar Creative

Stand out with LifeStar Creative!

Whether you’re in a growth, maintenance, or turn-around phase, a strategic and focused marketing strategy is key to long-term success. LifeStar Living’s Marketing and Sales team—LifeStar Creative—ensures that you stand out in the crowd, leveraging sales strategies for quality lead generation and fulfillment.

Expertise That Matters

We pride ourselves in providing boutique-style partnerships that allow our team to be “all-in and hands-on”—at the table as an extension of your team. Our exclusive partnerships allow our team to remain nimble and invested in your success on an intimate basis, driving leads and generating results.

Our talented and experienced team provides a full-range of services including:

  • Marketing & Sales Audits
  • Marketing Planning
  • Advertising Strategy & Management
  • Brand & Positioning Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Campaign Development & Management
  • Sales & Marketing Assessment
  • Digital Advertising & Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Development
  • Digital Strategy & Management
  • Web Development

On the Right Track

  • Our detailed assessment of your target audience focuses your strategies within the best market for quality lead generation.
  • LifeStar Creative’s expert analysis of your marketing strategy, creative materials, and messaging will dig deep to identify your points of differentiation and value proposition, positioning your organization on the path to success.
  • Maximize your organization’s ROI through our thorough evaluation of existing sales staff members, as well as strategies & sales tools that include CRM oversight.

Powerful Strategy that Yields Results

  • Knowledge is power—A strong partnership requires a detailed understanding of your community and your market to create strategies that boost your brand presence and bolster your campaigns.
  • Our team has extensive experience developing strategic sales and marketing plans for new development and expansions, as well as campus repositioning and campus stabilization across the country.
  • LifeStar Creative’s powerful lead generation tools & strategies are measured and refined through real-time data tracking and reporting.

Be Different

  • Build distinctive positioning and creative expression that makes your community stand out.
  • Our team of talented creative professionals will produce materials designed and written to engage your target audience and drive them to take action.
  • Strategic oversight and management of campaign results provides the data necessary to review, adjust and refine an evergreen marketing strategy—strengthening effectiveness and gaining efficiencies.

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