LifeStar Living Services

The LifeStar Living approach is immersive and customized, so each engagement is intentionally unique. We provide a broad spectrum of services, drawing from our vast experience with proven techniques to develop a creative and progressive solution for each project.

  • Development Coordination

    Engage our dedicated and experienced team on your new project, redevelopment, or growth initiative. When you’re in development mode, you’ll benefit from a team of experienced professionals who will drive you to your objective with the skill and agility needed to pivot, if necessary, without losing focus. Our emphasis on planning, communication, and organization will keep your project on track and goal-oriented.

    Services include:

    • Evaluate and analyze your site to carefully reveal market acceptance and project risks
    • Assure initial and ongoing market feasibility and financial modeling
    • Proactive management of financial budgets and other pre-planning performance goals
    • Establish a design team capable of achieving your well-defined goals and objectives
    • Assemble legal and financial expertise, prospective investors, and liquidity support to fulfill necessary requirements for debt financing with the best negotiated terms possible
    • Achieve startup sales targets, pre-marketing timelines, and strategies and tactics to build prospect interests, reservations and move-ins at opening and support until your project achieves stabilization
    • Direct communications and reporting to appointed stakeholders and related parties at agreed-upon cadence
    • Coordinate approvals for all planning and zoning, entitlements and permitting for the project to assure proper monitoring and on-time completion of milestones
    • Address project obstacles early and often, foreseen and unforeseen, and keeping everyone informed and on task
  • Management Services

    The LifeStar Living team style seeks to elevate community management to meet clearly defined operational goals and organizational values. Our team is driven to foster impeccable practices and standards, to ensure “first-impressions” readiness for every encounter. We create sustainable, long-term excellence by attracting and retaining quality talent, and empowering teams to explore innovative frameworks and solutions to stay ahead of changes in senior living demand and competition. Services include:

    • Establish standards of practice for daily operations and maintain regulatory compliance
    • Hire and retain the best talent possible to drive value, exceed expectations, and build strong workforce and mission-driven culture
    • Maintain effective marketing and sales strategies and enhance lifestyle and care opportunities
    • Continuously evaluate each property’s market and find ways to build competitive advantage
    • Address performance issues proactively and assist a troubled asset by applying immediate resources to turn around and protect long-term goals and objectives
    • Create a governance structure with ongoing operational and financial reporting and systems allowing real-time evaluation of each property’s performance in comparison with key benchmarks and metrics to gauge success
  • Marketing and Sales

    Whether you’re in a growth, maintenance, or turn-around phase, a strategic and focused marketing approach is key to long-term success. The LifeStar Living Marketing and Sales team, known as LifeStar Creative, focuses on establishing differentiation in your market and leveraging proven and ever-changing sales strategies for quality lead generation and fulfillment.

    Explore LifeStar Creative’s full partnership offering!

  • Strategic Planning and Advisory Services

    To round out our holistic approach to development and operations, we provide customized planning and advisory services to support current and proposed projects. In addition to the services listed above, LifeStar Living offers the following support services:

    • Bondholder and lender compliance
    • Distressed asset planning, divesting and recapitalization
    • Expansion and growth planning
    • Regulatory evaluation and licensing planning
    • Expansion of services

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Our passion drives us to constantly ask, “Why?” and, “What can we do better?” We live in a world of change and we must embrace and lead it.

Jessica Kraft, Executive Vice President Marketing & Sales

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