July 2021

Reaching Seniors in the Digital Age

The majority of older Americans might not spend every waking moment online, but they are far better connected than most think—which is all the more reason to make sure you don’t underestimate their media consumption habits when launching a senior-targeted marketing/advertising campaign. As far back as 2017, 50% of Internet users between the ages of … Read More

Using Space to Create Beautiful, Healthy Campuses

When designing a senior living community, there are numerous architectural considerations at the forefront of the process. And one of the most important factors extends well beyond the community’s buildings themselves. As American architect Louis Kahn once put it, “Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.” This definitely applies to senior living campus design. Indeed, … Read More

Team Building: A Benefit to Everyone

“Be a team player.” This phrase is a staple reference to group efforts: working as a unit, one for all, united we stand. Whatever you prefer to call it, one thing is certain—working together as a team is an undeniably important component of social and professional life. It’s also something that LifeStar Living’s Tim Ficker … Read More


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Joel Anderson, President & CEO

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